Are you a microbrewer, distiller or do you produce alcoholic beverages?

Since 2011, the CDBQ has set up a research team dedicated to fermented beverages in order to meet the specific needs of the Quebec and Canadian industries. Based on our previous projects and with the ever-growing support of the industry, the CDBQ has developed recognized expertise in this field.

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We support beverage producers in their products’ development

Our research team is interested in the production of fermented beverages with the main objective of understanding the link between the raw materials’ quality, the fermentation processes, and the final product’s quality. Each product is unique and the creativity of the craftsman must be apparent in the final product. A collaboration with the CDBQ accelerates the development of your products by saving time, raw materials, and energy, all while being supported by the sector’s latest technical and scientific knowledge.

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Our team’s expertise

  • Development of different types of beer, including alcohol-free and gluten-free varieties
  • Formulation development for liqueurs and spirits (gins, vodka, whisky)
  • Development of seltzers and ready-to-drink
  • Development of wines made from berries, ciders, meads, and other vegetable products
  • Assessment of fruit quality (maturity, agronomic practices, terroir)
  • Determination of the quality of fermented beverages (fermentation processes, quality indicators, chemical composition)
  • Investigation of structure/sensory perception relationships (aromas, phenolic compounds, etc.)
  • Technology transfer