01 Food Processing

Food Processing

Whether you are a food producer or processor, an ingredient supplier, or an entrepreneur, our expertise and pilot plants will help you innovate and bring new products to market that meet your needs and those of your consumers.

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Food Processing

Support for your innovation projects

  • Dairy, vegetable, marine, maple, and meat products
  • Gluten-free products
  • Vegan products
  • Organic products
  • Functional foods

02 Alcohol and Fermented Beverages

Alcohol and Fermented Beverages

The only research center in Quebec with a specific sector dedicated to the fermented beverage and distillation industry, the CDBQ is your partner of choice to promote innovation, boost research, and help you find sustainable solutions that reflect your image and what sets you apart.

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Alcohol and Fermented Beverages

Between tradition, sophistication, and premiumization

  • Development of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products
  • Innovation in the beer sector
  • Development of liqueurs and spirits

03 High Hydrostatic Pressure (HHP)

High Hydrostatic Pressure (HHP)

The high hydrostatic pressure (HPH) process is a technology that increases the shelf life of foods without affecting the flavors. By subjecting packaged food to extreme hydrostatic pressures, the vast majority of microorganisms responsible for food spoilage are destroyed. This preservation process, approved by Health Canada, makes it possible to preserve all the freshness and the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of processed foods.

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High Hydrostatic Pressure (HHP)

Why apply HPH technology?

  • Extends the shelf life of some food products
  • Preserves the organoleptic properties of a food
  • Applies to a variety of foods such as fruit juices, ready-to-eat products, deli meats, meats, etc.

04 Entotechnologies


Our Insect Processing Innovation Platform (PITI) helps generate innovation, validate processes, and support knowledge transfer to insect processors and the food industry. Thanks to this innovation hub, the CDBQ team is dedicated to accelerating the growth of entotechnologies in Quebec by supporting and equipping businesses for their innovative projects.

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Unique expertise in the processing of edible insects

  • Use of Black Soldier Flies, Mealworms, and Crickets
  • Development of new ingredients (protein powders, concentrates, and isolates, lipids, chitins, and chitosan, etc.)
  • Secondary processing of edible insects (breads, snack foods, sauces, meat substitutes, etc.)

05 Edible Cannabis Products

Edible Cannabis Products

The CDBQ, a center of excellence for applied research and the development of food products in Quebec, is accredited by Health Canada to carry out innovation, research, and development projects aimed at integrating cannabis or cannabinoids into food.

Our specialists can guide you in the development and regulation of these products in Quebec and Canada.

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Edible Cannabis Products

Research activities

  • Incorporation into foods and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Selective assays for the extraction of active biomolecules from cannabis
  • Consulting service in the development of edible cannabis products

What We Do for You

The Quebec Agrifood Innovation Center (CDBQ) supports innovative enterprises in the agrifood industry.

Whether you want to develop products for the general public, explore functional foods, enhance your co-products, or start a food processing business, the CDBQ has the know-how, facilities, and specialized equipment you need to ensure your project’s success!

What Sets Us Apart
  • Constant and rapid feedback from the CDBQ innovation team during the mandate
  • Search for accurate and up-to-date technical and scientific literature
  • Our experts’ availability and accessibility to answer your questions
  • State-of-the-art laboratories, pilot plants, and specialized equipment
  • Product development in your image
  • Product testing with your target customers
  • Industrial scale-up with your co-manufacturer
  • We know the needs and reality of the industry
  • 100% of the developed intellectual property belongs to you

Circular Economy

The circular economy, opportunities for innovation, and developing Quebec’s agrifood sector are the CDBQ’s priorities. The CDBQ can become your ally in finding solutions to reduce food waste.

  • Sourcing Strategy Sourcing Strategy
    • Better shelf life
    • Connecting with raw material generators
    • Prioritizing short circuits
  • Production and Processing Production and Processing
    • Co-product valorization
    • Food waste reduction
    • Innovative technology and processes
    • Energy efficiency
  • Eco-conception Eco-conception
    • Optimization of available resources
    • Life cycle analysis
    • Biobased packaging

Support at every stage of your project's development

A structured and agile approach at the service of your food innovation projects

We are your dream team for developing new agrifood products/processes. We combine our R&D expertise and well-balanced creativity to support you from generating ideas to industrial transfer. Because your needs are specific and distinct, we offer you a personalized service and support your project from design to completion, so that you can bring innovation and create value.


Define Your Needs

To start on a solid foundation, we listen to you about your idea, project, and priorities to assess how we can pool our skills, networks, and tools to achieve your objectives.


Support in Strategic Innovation and R&D

At this stage, we support you in implementing your strategy for innovation and the development of R&D projects.


Grant Research and Writing

We carry out the necessary research for you in order to identify the government incentives that can contribute to the realization of your innovation projects.


Development of Products / Processes

Our multidisciplinary team (food science, nutrition, chemistry, microbiology) develops the formulation and the prototype process with you.


Scale-Up / Technology Transfer

Our team is expert at scaling up innovative projects and is able to support you through to industrial trials.


Incubation / Renting

Depending on the availability of factories, you may be incubated at the CDBQ to develop your market or for production.

Healthy Eating Campaign - Where the Pleasure of Enjoying Good Food Fuels Innovation

Want to learn how to develop a product, starting from a list of ingredients to its distribution on store shelves throughout Canada? Here are short videos showcasing the success stories of entrepreneurs who ventured into agrifood innovation.


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