Sustainable development support

  • Integration of circular and eco-responsible practices in product design
  • Development of bio-based packaging
  • Personalized advice and identification of improvement opportunities (raw materials, optimization of operations, carbon footprint, recovery, etc.)
  • Development of low-emission products (without meat, natural substitutes)

Co-product valorization

The food industry generates many co-products during production and their recovery is essential to reduce their environmental impact and costs associated with their disposal. It is consequently necessary to create added-value development opportunities.

  • Connection with co-product generators
  • Characterization of co-products (composition, quality, stabilization)
  • Technological and scientific overview and proposals for several valuation routes
  • Development of co-products into innovative products with high market potential
Circular Economy 1

Life cycle analysis (LCA)

LCA assesses the potential environmental impacts of a product by considering all stages of its life cycle, from the acquisition of raw materials to its production, use, end-of-life treatment, recycling, and disposal. This analysis is carried out according to ISO 14040 standards.

  • The carbon footprint of a product
  • The environmental footprint of a product
  • Assessment of the key factors to be improved in the life cycle of a product and proposal of mitigation measures