Alexia Gravel, M.Sc. - Doctoral candidate 1

Alexia Gravel, M.Sc. – Doctoral candidate


Alexia Gravel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Sherbrooke and a Master’s degree in Food Science from Laval University. Currently completing her Ph.D. in Food Science at the same institution, she has gained extensive expertise in the field of food innovation. Her academic and professional journey has particularly led her to specialize in the production and development of alternative protein ingredients, including edible insect and plant-based protein isolates.

Alexia is driven by a passion for creating new eco-friendly and sustainable food products. Her area of expertise focuses on the analysis of the techno-functional properties of ingredients and foods. She excels in formulating innovative food solutions that address contemporary challenges of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Alexia joined the CDBQ team in 2024 to contribute to the development and implementation of several innovation projects.

Tel.: 418-856-3141

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