Ensure technical transfer for industrial scale-up

Although innovative research and development activities are at the heart of the CDBQ’s expertise, it is also essential to be able to ensure industrial scale-up for a product’s commercialization.

With its network of collaborators and partners, the CDBQ team is renowned for its support in industrial scale-up with your team or your co-manufacturer.

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Scale-Up / Technology Transfer 1

From lab-scale to industrial-scale

Demonstrating the feasibility and economic viability of a process on an industrial scale is a problem for many companies or entrepreneurs. The CDBQ team is aware of the technological and economic challenges faced by project leaders and provides you with all the resources necessary for the industrialization of innovative processes.

  • Pilot scale tests
  • Search for co-manufacturer
  • Prototype testing in your facilities or those of your co-manufacturer
  • Technology transfer with your team or your co-manufacturer