Innovate to Prosper

Whether to improve a company’s profitability, to differentiate from the competition, or to respond to new consumer trends, innovation and R&D are essential for entrepreneurs in the food industry. It is often necessary to be supported by industry experts to be more efficient and save time throughout your projects.

The CDBQ provides you with a whole range of services and advice to help you structure innovation and R&D in your organization. At this stage, we look at your innovative idea to qualify your R&D projects and implement development strategies.

Depending on your needs and the complexity of the project, we call upon our network of contacts to ensure that we offer you a service that exceeds your expectations.

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Support in Strategic Innovation and R&D 1

Transform ideas into R&D innovation projects

The structuring of an innovative project cannot be improvised. That is why we support you in the definition and implementation of your innovation and R&D projects.

  • Qualification of the idea
  • Validation of the feasibility of the project
  • Development of the concept into an efficient solution
  • Mitigation of technical risks
  • Development of financing strategies
  • Deployment of the solution to create value